Member Spotlight: William Howie

Throughout the 2020 Maryland legislative session we will highlight the work of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) across the state of Maryland. This week we asked Maryland Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA) member William Howie several questions about his background and the lifesaving role that CRNAs have in Marylander’s healthcare.

How many years have you been a CRNA? 25 years

Which CRNA program did you attend? Medical College of Pennsylvania

What is your practice focus? Trauma Anesthesia

Where do you practice? UMMC/STC

Why did you become a CRNA and/or why is the CRNA profession important? I became a CRNA because it a more autonomous practice than an ICU nurse.

How do CRNAs impact the lives of Marylanders? A vast majority of all anesthetics given to Marylanders are administered by CRNAs.

How does MANA impact you and the CRNA Profession? It is fighting for the more autonomous practice of CRNAs in Maryland coupled with direct reimbursement for their care provided

For someone who has no clue what a CRNA does. What would you tell them? They directly interact with all people receiving procedures and diagnostic tests requiring some degree of sedation or anesthesia. They are responsible for all care and medications provided to make the patients’ interaction with the healthcare system as safe and effective as possible.

Why should supporting CRNAs be a nonpartisan issue? Illness and patient care knows no political, socioeconomic, religious, or philosophical bias.

How many times have you administered Anesthesia this month or year? I administered at least 500 anesthetics directly in 2019.