Cast Your Vote for the 2019–2020 MANA Elections


As MANA members, identifying and promoting the leaders within the association to serve on the MANA board of directors ultimately lies with each of us. MANA's future success depends upon those who guide the association and make critical decisions on behalf of its members. Share your voice and vote on the open board positions to be filled on September 1, 2019. 


President-Elect Candidate


Diane Mae Rose Dy, CRNA

MANA Tenure: 5 years
AANA Tenure:  7 years

Vice President Candidate

Kelly Petz, DNAP, CRNA
KellCo Anesthesia

MANA Tenure: 14 years
AANA Tenure: 21 years


Secretary/Treasurer Candidate


Natasha Hopkins, CRNA

MANA Tenure: 1 year
AANA Tenure: 1 year



District Director I Candidate


Kaia Finney, CRNA
Northwest Hospital

MANA Tenure: 4 years
AANA Tenure: 4 years



District Director III Candidate


Danielle Boggio, CRNA
Anesthesia Solutions LLC

MANA Tenure: 15 years
AANA Tenure: 15 years


District Director V Candidate


Memory Mdlongwa, CRNA

MANA Tenure: 2 years
AANA Tenure:  2 years




The deadline for submitting your vote is Wednesday, July 17, 2019.